Presenting you time…

Clock Portfolio

What started as a fun hobby a couple of years ago grew into something bigger. Since building my first wooden clock in 2004, I have made 10 handmade clocks for family and friends.

Each clock has its own personality, touch, feel and sound. The only thing they have in common is the time…

Cuckoo Clock

This is the first wooden clock I ever made. The inspiration for this clock was an existing clock I saw in a magazine about hobby clocks. I was very keen to purchase this clock, but unfortunately not longer available. Therefore I decided to build one myself.

She doesn’t run easily.. she needs a weight of approximately 6 kg to run!
This clock has a separate hour and seconds’ hand. The seconds’ hand you can find in the top of the clock, the hour hand is the big one. I made this clock in 2010 and it became the centrepiece of our kitchen at home.

Black Palm

This clock has its winding mechanism build in as part of the design of the tree, as if a bird is sitting on one of its branches.
I made this clock for one of my daughters in 2011.


This clock is inspired by flowers. You will see flower petals in the inner ring of the clock and also in the gears. The teeth are not as sharp as in the other clocks I’ve made, but shaped like the petals of a flower. I was inspired by an article about the antikythera teeth with 45 degree angles.
The gears are flowing out of the clock itself, making them more visible.

I made this clock in 2012.

Ringing Bell

For this clock I made a little sound/bell mechanism that rings every half hour.
The design of this clock has some Japanese influences.


The front and back of this clock are exact copies. This was the first clock in which I used a spring to power so it doesn’t need a weight. Pineapple and palm trees have inspired me for the design of this clock. The red modern hands are in stark contrast with the darker looking front of the clock.

Red Tree

This clock has a similar style as the Palm Clock however this clock is powered by a weight.
The difference is in the more classic look of the hands and the colour scheme.